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Design Build

If you’re looking to build your own home, you could hire both a designer and a general contractor to carry out the build—or you can hire one team to do both. We at H & N Custom Homes offer design builds as one of our services, meaning we take care of both your blueprints and the construction itself, saving you hassle, time, and money.


Choosing a design build over a design-bid-build setup to create your custom home is a wise choice. When you have two separate firms involved with the creation of your new house, there’s bound to be issues—what you tell to one firm may not translate accurately to the next, if you’re not the one directing the flow of communication; the plans of the designer may not be easily carried out by the general contractor; pricing may vary from what you expect; and construction may drag on as plans are modified to fit the reality of the builder’s capabilities. That’s why choosing a design build service, like the one we offer, is a smart choice for individuals and families who seek to build their dream home. If you choose us to carry out your design build, we can save you from potential communication issues between firms, delays in construction, and an increased cost from hiring two service providers in place of just one. Instead, you’ll receive courteous, individual, and efficient service—getting you in your new house in no time.


For those looking to build in south Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Henn & Nardini is the top choice for design build services. We provide our customers with quality service that not only gets the job done well but makes the entire process painless and easy for our customers. We pride ourselves on involving our customers in both the design and the building process every step of the way. When you employ us, we first contact your architect or provide you with introductions to architects that may best fit your proposed style and your unique needs. Then we collaborate closely with your architect or ours to create a custom home that fulfills your desired function, look, and budget. As the process progresses, we take your input to heart and give you updates on the progress of your project.

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We aim to not just deliver a quality product, but very literally craft the home of your dreams—incorporating all the coziness, design elements, and features that you desire.

Because we treat every project as if it were being carried out on our own homes, we provide our clients with unparalleled levels of accountability, accessibility, quality craftsmanship, and transparency that we would expect. We love taking your dream, turning it into a reality, and, at the end, seeing the smile and the satisfaction on your fac 

Custom Home Builder

Whether you employ us for a design build or just to execute an already-made building plan, H & N Custom Homes is devoted to creating the house of your dreams.

Our process for building custom homes is simple and involves only six steps.


First, we make contact with an architect—your’s or our’s—to create custom blueprints of your soon-to-come house, keeping in mind your budget and all you hope to have in your residence. Building a custom home is all about your dream and your desires, so we are flexible in what architects we work with to design your home. Our goal is simply to help your housing dream become a reality!


After you select your preferred architect, we create a specialized specifications book for your project, which catalogs the details of your project from the features you’ll include (like the refrigerator, stove, and other appliances) to aesthetic choices (like paint colors, cabinetry, and flooring). This book helps both you and us visualize your completed home, piece by piece, before we begin.


When these design elements have been confirmed and priced, the fun really begins as we confirm your overall project budget and begin to take subcontractor and vendor bids to begin building. When a project permit is issued, we give you a Decision Deadline Schedule that helps the build stay on track in regards to time—because we know you’re eager to make it into your new home. 


As the project progresses and your home begins to take shape, we expertly handle all aspects of construction by serving as a contact point for all vendors, inspectors, subcontractors, and consultants and by assigning you a Project Manager to ensure that all work is done to specifications.


In addition to overseeing aspects of construction, we continue to track scheduling with our unique BuilderTrend software and keep you updated on the build’s progression and all incurred expenses… So that there are no surprises when your house is complete except for the joy and fulfillment you feel at owning your own custom home.


When the build is finished, our last task is to carry out a full inspection of the home to ensure it meets all building codes. We join you on that detailed walk-through to thoroughly check for any mistakes that could prove unsafe for you and your family.


 If you’re looking to build a new home in New Jersey’s south Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we can take your ideas and make them a reality. Our experienced team is always ready to coordinate and carry out the construction of custom homes, large and small. When you hire us to help with your custom build, you can rest assured that you’ll soon be in your dream home—with no fuss or stress related to construction, quality concerns with the end product, or worries related to the safety of materials used. Reach out to us today to start the process of bringing your ideas into reality.

General Contracting


If you’re renovating your bathroom, building an additional bedroom on to your house, you’d be wise to give us a call for help. If you’re looking to DIY, home improvement and renovation projects can be difficult to carry out alone and a struggle to complete properly without specialized tools and knowledge. If you’re hoping to hire the workers needed to get the job done for you, then the task of coordinating a host of service providers can be exhausting. Communication issues, inferior craftsmanship, and the delays in project completion that they cause can be incredibly demoralizing.


Instead of bearing the weight of the residential construction world on your shoulders, choose a general contractor to help with both the actual construction and all the nitty-gritty coordination details of your home renovation project. General contractors make home improvement projects easy by handling all aspects of construction—planning out the project and drafting blueprints, purchasing materials, carrying out the construction or subcontracting specialized providers (if necessary), and going over the build to make sure that the outcome is safe and reflective of the clients’ desires. In short, we work to make sure your project gets done quickly, on-time, and on budget—three things you no doubt want when you’re looking to upgrade your home!

Best of all, general contractors take the worry and stress of a big or small construction project away. When you know a trusted professional, like the team at Henn & Nardini, is in charge, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected setbacks. Just relax as our professional team takes care of your build.


Just like with our custom builds and design builds, Henn & Nardini takes pride in producing top-quality work. It doesn’t matter what job you have—whether you’re planning to redo your master bath and install the jacuzzi of your dreams, add on a garage for your new car, build a lanai for the family to relax on, or update your increasingly vintage kitchen ensemble—we’re just the team to help.

For all jobs, small or large, we’re your best choice for help with construction along the Jersey Shore. That’s because when you hire us as your general contractor, we strive to provide the best in workmanship, communication, and safety in order to keep you—and all of our customers—more than satisfied. We love to get referrals and repeat business from our happy customers.


Although many of our customers are homeowners looking to upgrade and personalize their own homes, Henn & Nardini is also happy to work with real estate agents looking to rehab properties.


We provide the people of south Monmouth and Ocean Counties with quality general contracting services to ease out the oftentimes complex process of renovating, adding-on to, or building a home. If you’re looking to make a change in your residence, then give us a call or email us and we’d be glad to help.



Sometimes, your beloved home can start to feel a little constricting. As your family grows or your possessions multiply, you may begin to feel that what was once a cozy dwelling is starting to feel more and more cramped. You could always go through the hassle of relocating… But that brings a whole slew of stress as you place your home on the market, select a real estate agent to assist you in your search for a new residence, and pack up all your belongings for a trip to a new place. Sometimes, the better choice is to simply add on to your existing home, increasing its value and revitalizing your appreciation for the home you love.


We help individuals and families add-on any room they might need in their homes, but these are some popular choices:

  • Family Rooms- our families want to spend more quality time together, and a family room is a great way to make that happen. Imagine the board game matches and family movie nights you’ll enjoy together in your brand-new space.
  • Bedrooms- do you get a lot of visitors who are forced to crash on your couch? Or do you, perhaps, have a new addition to your family expected? Either of these scenarios may make you may begin looking around and worrying that you need another bedroom to comfortably host, or provide care for, another human being. Don’t worry—with our help, it’s easy to add on another bedroom to your home (and maybe an extra bathroom, too).
  • Master Suites- if you’re looking to add a little bit of luxury to your daily life, the addition of a master suite to your home can be a great choice. 

Home Offices- more and more people work from home in today’s hyper-connected, electronic era, and if you’re one of them, you may have noticed that sitting on your couch with a laptop in your lap probably isn’t the best way to stay productive. If you add a home office to your house, you’ll have the ideal place to work on your business without distractions from the television or your family members.



Homeowners may need to renovate a home for many reasons. Your outdated bathroom boasts a leaky toilet and cracked floor tiles. Your kitchen appliances haven’t been swapped out in decades, and you really wish you had an island for more room for food prep. Your living room is small and cramped and you’d like an open floor plan to connect it with the dining area. Home renovation can help change all of those realities, taking your current home and revitalizing it.


We aim to always leave the families we serve safe, secure, and happy. We’re experts in all aspects of construction and love to help families add on to their homes and make them, once more, a place of peacefulness and functionality. We can help you every step of the way with your home addition project—planning out the construction, selecting and pricing materials and labor, carrying out the “heavy lifting” of the actual building or carefully selecting subcontractors, keeping you informed of project progress, and inspecting the end product to ensure quality and regulatory compliance. If you’re looking to add on to your home and avoid the many messes of other firms or DIY, then give us a call. We’ll reach out shortly to offer your our quality help.
Real estate investors may need renovations done on the properties they are looking to resell, too—especially with the classic bungalow-style homes that are so trendy today! Buyers love living in quirky neighborhoods with historied buildings, but with age comes a need for renovating bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to ensure that all are functional and safe for daily use.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an agent looking to revamp and then sell, the Henn & Nardini team is capable of lending a helping hand.


Because we treat every project we work on as if it were being carried out on our own homes, we have an unparalleled devotion to quality, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to providing efficient construction services. Our experience in the construction field allows us to effectively manage and carry out any construction project—including renovations. When you choose our team, you know that you’ll get the following:

  • Accountability- we choose the best in construction materials and keep you well-informed of projected and actual costs related to construction. Our aim is to make sure that you are kept in the loop related to your project 100%.
  • Accessibility- we’re here if you have questions or concerns, always ready to help.
  • Quality craftsmanship- we’re dedicated construction professionals. Whether we’re carrying out the work or selecting a subcontractor to complete it, you can rest assured that the outcome will be a safe, functional, and beautiful space; perfectly renovated to your specifications.
  • Transparency- we keep you informed of the progress of your project so that you can help shape it to fit your desires. No exceptions.  


Henn & Nardini is always here to lend a hand with all your construction projects—but we have a special love for home renovation! If you want (or need) to make a change in the design, layout, and functionality of a part of your house (or maybe the entirety of your house), then reach out to us through email or a phone call. We work tirelessly to provide a stress-free experience to our clients and a quality product and would love to make you the next person on our long list of satisfied customers.