Multi-Purpose Basement (Family Area)

Basements are our bread and butter remodeling projects.  Normally when clients decide they want to finish a basement, it’s for the kids, or for “extra space”.  Other times, like in this instance, the clients want to achieve multiple purposes for their basement.  Obviously, you need the space to achieve multiple purposes, like this client has.  The basement was unfinished originally from when they built the house, it’s a huge space, approximately 1300 sq ft.   The objective was to put a kids room, a movie room, a bathroom, an office area, 2 closets, and storage room when it was finally finished.  There was normal mechanical and electrical runs down there.  The trunk lines had to get a soffit built around it and the steel columns needed to get framed around.  Every time we frame a basement we use mold resistant material.  Metal framing, Styrofoam insulation, and mold resistant drywall.  This basement featured a french drain and a sump pump, which is a great feature.  We insulated all exterior foundation walls, then framed in front of the insulation with metal studs.  Recessed lighting, outlets, switches, and HDMI/Cat5 lines were ran electrically.  We installed a Sani-Flow pump for the bathroom toilet, and vanity in the bathroom.  The stairway wall got opened up and we installed rod iron spindels with an oak railing.  The whole basement received laminate flooring throughout, and tile in the bathroom.  We installed base molding, shoe molding, and casing around the doors. Double bi-fold closet with shelving, and a faucet that lights up when you turn it on.  Beautiful basement, and great clients.

Before Pictures

After Pictures

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