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Do you want to add square footage to your home to give your family room to grow? Are you ready to invest in a custom home that fits you like a glove? If you’ve been searching for a knowledgeable home designer in the NJ area, look no further than H & N Custom Homes.

Our design professional has been in the industry for 24 years.

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Our designer will bring everything together

Create an open floor plan by connecting your living room and kitchen. Build multiple fireplaces throughout your home. Plan for ample storage in the kitchen. The sky’s the limit when you choose H & N Custom Homes to draft your residential blueprints.

Our designer will start by asking important questions pertaining to your vision, such as:

What’s on your wish list?
Where will your house be located?
How large do you want your home to be?

Your initial draft can be completed in three weeks, depending on the size of your project. Get in touch with the professional at Home Addition Texas today.

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Our designer has worked hard over the years to earn a reputation based on superior services and world-class customer care. H & N Custom Homes is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. We serve residents of New Jersey and surrounding communities in a 100-mile radius.

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