East Keansburg Home AdditionH & N Custom Homes are a great way to up size your home without the pain and hassle of searching for a new home and moving your family. If you love your home and don’t want to leave it, but you just need more space, an addition could be the perfect way to create more living space without upending your family.

A Dormer is an existing or a modification to a roof structure adding full height ceilings creating additional living space to areas that would have otherwise been a crawlspace or eves. Dormers can be partial or span the entire second floor. In the case of a Full Raised Ridge Dormer, the existing house ridge is removed and a new one is installed at a higher elevation creating a more pleasing and useful roof pitch.

Mother/Daughter Conversions:
Mother / daughter houses differ from a multi-family residence in that multi-family homes have separate entrances for each of the living areas, whereas a mother / daughter is arranged as two separate living areas but is connected as one overall dwelling unit.

We design new houses, remodel existing, create room additions and provide construction plans, as well as building permits for our clients. Our clientele comes in for residential and commercial projects. Due to our prompt and comparatively priced service we have excellent references. See the “Recent work” and “FAQ” sections for procedures and pricing. Our office located in San Jose.

We strive to provide you with a healthy home, environment tailored to your family or work needs. We believe in a net positive house. Most time implementing simple elements during the design stage, like proper window placement, tankless water heater, etc, can save you 20-25% of your building energy consumption.

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