Home Addition Monmouth CountyH & N Custom Homes in Emleys Hill for Commercial and Residential Remodeling.

H & N Custom Homes is more than a commercial and residential remodeling team, we specialize in all kinds of interior and exterior transformations across Monmouth County. From rock wall construction to painting to granite counter top installation, we handle every detail of residential remodeling. We also take care of any and all commercial and residential remodeling projects. Our goal is to bring your vision to life!

As time goes on, it’s common for homeowners to outgrow the size of their house or even the style of the home itself. At H & N Custom Homes, we don’t think you should have to move out just because you want a new interior and more space. As the most comprehensive general contractor in the Monmouth County area, our goal is to transform your space into something that not only reflects your needs but also includes all the features you could ever want! We offer our residential and commercial remodeling services to the businesses and residents of Monmouth County. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

We also offer professional painting services to bring new life to your home or business’s interior and exterior, as well as carpet and tile installation. Together, we will help your location achieve the originality and convenience you’ve been longing for. We stand by all of our projects and guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our work!

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