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Home additions are definitely a big challenge, but they are also a sustainable investment that will add more value to your property. Expanding your square footage will transform your home into a more comfortable, functional, and beautiful place to live.

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If you are looking for the experts in home additions. The expertise and skills of our Certified Contractors will help make your remodeling project a success. They can assist you in choosing the perfect materials and the right design for your home addition. They specialize in extending from your existing home designs to make your home addition a seamless-looking expansion.

Common Problems for Home Additions in New Jersey

Whether you plan to add just one room, a second story or an outdoor room, our Certified Contractors can help you with inspiring home remodeling ideas and expert advice on construction style, techniques, and building regulations.

Our Certified Contractors know that home additions may reveal certain problems when trying to implement the actual project. Here are some of the most commonly encountered issues with home additions:

Structural deficiencies may include a foundation that is in poor shape or unstable ground beneath the foundation. The house was not built to handle the extra weight. Consequently, extra work needs to be done to consolidate the existing structure before you make any add-ons.
Your upper floor frame may not be strong enough to support another story without sagging and bouncing, since it was not created to sustain that much weight. This is also considered a structural problem by most Certified Contractors.
Outdated wiring may mean that your electrical system is not able to handle the increased power load that comes with the new addition. You would then have to boost its capacity. It may also mean that you need to bring your entire electrical system up to code, upgrading everything from wiring to appliances and lighting.
With a Certified, you can feel comfortable knowing that we have the knowledge to tackle any issues that may arise during your home addition project. Trust the experts to create a beautiful and functional new space for your home.


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