Freewood Acres Home AdditionH & N Custom Homes!
Even in beautiful Home Addition Freewood Acres, NJ, we need protection from Mother Nature. If the heat of summer or the chill of winter forces you to flee your deck, why not convert it to a heated and air-conditioned sunroof?

Don’t be fooled; H & N Custom Homes is complex. Seamlessly marrying a Home addition to your home requires an experienced remodeling contractor. Building on decades of remodeling experience, we have the practical knowledge to ensure that every aspect of your           H & N Custom Homes is designed to function as well as it looks. Plus, we use durable, low-maintenance materials to give it lasting beauty.

Expand your indoor/outdoor living options
Whether you’re looking for front porch ideas to take your home to the next level, an enclosed patio to serve as your private retreat, or a screened porch that will make your backyard the envy of your neighbors, H & N Custom Homes Acres is there for you. We help our clients make the most of their porches and backyards by bringing year-round functionality to their living spaces.

We create beautiful pergolas that define a space, covered porches that protect from the elements, and more. While some remodeling contractors steer away from “extras” like pool houses and pool construction, we professionally coordinate everything for our clients, offering true turnkey service.

Add value and convenience to your home
Changing family dynamics and economic realities are altering the way we look at how families live together. One simple way to accommodate aging parents or older children is by creating a mother-in-law suite from space in your attic, garage or bonus room or through a home addition. These suites typically feature a bedroom and bathroom and may include a living area and kitchenette. The beauty of these spaces is that they can take any shape and size you like and they add value to your home. But these spaces are too complex to trust to anyone but a qualified, professional contractor, since they involve tying into existing HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems as well as the structure of your existing home.

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