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When you have an opportunity to build a home on the water, you think of many things: longevity, functionality, synchronicity with the environment, and most of all, comfort. In building a custom home on the water in New Jersey all of this was considered and more, and the result is a home that draws an extended family to enjoy the beauty of the home and the Puget Sound.

The bathroom is placed squarely in the corner of the new dormer, where it benefits from windows and bright interior colors.

Dormer addition
Some City  faced a problem endemic to the typical architecture . Their solidly built home had a functional first floor, but the second floor was little more than a long, narrow rectangle with low-slung ceilings and windows at each end. The addition of a bath  improve it–in fact, it begged for improvement more than the rest of the space. A desire to create two livable bedrooms and a comfortable bath led to a dormer addition that literally transformed the place.

The solution was to bring down the dividing walls, opening the space and bringing light from the front, West-facing windows, all the way to the kitchen.
main floor remodel
It may be most difficult to plan a remodeling project when you are in the business yourself. You know all of the possibilities that come with a project, and know so much about materials that it can be both a blessing and a burden. A couple who both work in design and fabrication did not let this dissuade them. They carefully honed their scope of work, considered materials, and selected finishes over several years, and their efforts resulted in a finished project that is truly outstanding.

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