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Everything that you can imagine is real.” In the case of a backyard cottage designed for two artists, vivid imagination led to a very real and innovative studio space that is 3-star Built Green certified and

Home addition

It’s the War Box conundrum: cute and compact ,  these rectangular homes built  are the perfect size for a small family, but missing a vital room — a place to dine. See how one architect solved this problem beautifully, and with some added benefits.

backyard cottage & garage
With an oversize North Seattle lot and a falling-down shack of a single car garage, our clients saw the potential for creating a truly useful and beautiful structure in their back yard. With clever design and a nod toward the main home, the new backyard cottage includes a 2-car garage with a shop and projects area, a main floor with full kitchen, 3/4 bath and laundry, and an upper multi-purpose loft, all of it built with beautiful and durable materials.

The new gas insert fireplace can now be thoroughly enjoyed, flanked by custom-built cabinets. The cabinets were designed to hold audio/ video equipment, so have panels made from fabric to all heat and sound out. Concealed lighting brightens display shelves on each side.
living room remodel
Split-level entries can be tricky. They can either make you feel like you’re entering a warren of stairs or they can be light and bright, providing clear sight-lines to open spaces. A ’90s spec home suffered from the former, and a solution had nothing to do with the entry or the stairs. It was all about the living room.

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