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Hilton  Additions (Got Space?)
Your home may be just where you want it to be (great neighborhood, good schools), but you need more space. Perhaps you are adding a new family member, or it’s time for that dreamy master bedroom, or you need an in-law suite, complete with bathroom and kitchen areas. There are so many options to think about! Maybe you’ve considered moving to a larger house, or you’ve done a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering in search of more usable space. Perhaps your home would benefit from a whole house remodel by a Home Addition Hilton . That is a total redesign for better use of space within the existing interior walls. An interior remodel may involve relocating interior walls, resulting in a more functional design and layout for almost every room in the house, including living areas, bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. If you have considered all these options, and still need more space, we have extensive experience in designing and building additions, whether on-grade, pop-up or second (or third) floor. If you want your home addition to blend with or complement your existing home while adding that much-needed space, call us to get started.
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