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Are you thinking of adding a room? Taking down a wall? Adding another story? This is so different from a cosmetic or light remodel, or a pull-and-replace remodel, where chances are the structural integrity of your home is not affected, since your home was (hopefully) designed to bear up under these situations. However, for a room addition, removing a wall (or ceiling) to open up a room or borrow space from a little-used area, or adding a second (or third) floor, you will likely need a structural remodel. What is this? A structural remodel is one in which the builder addresses the ability of your home to carry new, relocated, and/or additional loads created by adding onto or changing its structure. The load-bearing capability of your home is factored into the design and construction of your project from the very start. To do this well, you need a good Home Addition Holland . As the only Home Addition Holland company owned by a structural engineer, we are the leading Home Addition Holland. New or added structural members will need to be incorporated into the overall design, and preferably well hidden in the resulting addition or remodel. Call us: as a leading Home Addition Holland, we can help create a stand-out home that stands up!
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