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“Having grown up here, I love the traditional NJ style and its relationship to the unique landscape. It’s a major driving force with me and my architecture. Even though I have done some unusual contemporary work, I really like the old forms and ideas of the NJ traditional style to make new timeless solutions.”

H & N Custom Homes – a legendary southwestern Architect, responsible for defining and cataloging historical vernacular Home Addition Interlaken (now considered the NJ style).

H & N Custom Homes’s first choice for a quality kitchen remodeler. We have been in the Interlaken area for years now, and have remodeled hundreds of kitchens, so there is nothing in the Kitchen we can’t do. Whether you are looking for a simple project in the kitchen, or a complete redesign, H & N Custom Homes can take care of you, and do it quicker than most kitchen remodeling contractors in Interlaken.

When remodeling your kitchen, its important to not only consider what the price is that the general contractor is going to charge you for the remodel job, but also what kind of customer service that general contractor has. Home Addition Interlaken takes pride in offering the very best in customer service, and show that on each and every contracting job. We take care of your kitchen as if it was our own, and are there to answer any questions you may have about the kitchen remodeling process. If you are looking for a quality general contractor to remodel your kitchen, Home Addition Interlaken is the right general contractor for you to hire. Not only can Home Addition Interlaken remodel your kitchen, but we can do anything else to your home that you would like. Just give us a call : (609) 488-1898 today!

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