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Wanting more space isn’t a recent trend however, studies now show that homeowners are finding that extra space by upgrading their existing homes, not by trading up for larger ones. A greyHouse-designed and built addition not only increases the resale value of your property, but also improves the livability and enjoyment of the place you already call home.¬†Call Us : (609) 488-1898

Additions will certainly add livability and personality to a home, and because their functions cover the full spectrum of living purposes they’re a good option for homeowners to consider when searching for more square footage. Not only will an addition offer a wonderful new space to enjoy that is customized to fit your wants and needs, it will also give your existing home new personality – and a big boost in market value. Common projects include:

Bonus Rooms
Room Expansions
Master Suites
In-Law Quarters

In fact, one of the greatest advantages of an addition is the complete customization of the space, because it can be designed exclusively for your lifestyle. When you work with greyHouse there is a single focus that starts with the engineering of the design: you, the homeowner. Your vision, your style, your taste and purpose for the space…and also your comfort, time, needs and circumstances. After all, an addition is a big endeavor, so with a project like this we go beyond the stages of normal planning to ensure the process is efficient.

Addition FAQs:
What are the advantages of a home addition?

– Instead of worrying about selling, you get the space you need out of your home. No uprooting your family, packing belongings or leaving memories behind!

– You can completely customize the new space to suit your needs, wants and style. Every piece that’s put in place can be specified by you!

What should I look for, or avoid, when searching for a general contractor to manage my addition project?

– Most importantly, your general contractor needs to be licensed. You should also check to see who the qualifier is within the company. You can search the database of licensed general contractors in New Jersey.

– An addition is a big project, and your general contractor should be able to prove he/she can prioritize accordingly. it’s a good indication of what will follow down the road.

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