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Home additions take on many forms and are a great way to add space to your home. They can be a cost effective way to extend space by adding a simple room. Bring a bathroom with a shower into the mix and you’ve got a master bedroom on the first floor. Add onto the kitchen and you’ve created a spacious area for family gatherings and entertaining friends. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

If there is no room to go out then go up by adding a story onto the house. Maybe you just need a little extra room to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. If that’s the case, a sun room can be a great solution. Any of these ideas and many more can be just what you are looking for in adding living space to your home.

Basic Room Addition
The basic room addition is a great solution for the needs of a growing family, whether it’s a family growing in number or growing in age. A simple room addition consisting of three new walls, a foundation, floors, a ceiling, and a roof, can create a space for family and friends to gather for television, games, conversation, or all of the above.

Master Bedroom
Most older two-story homes were built with all the bedrooms on the second floor. This can be inconvenient and create many trips up and down stairs for everything from laundry to a late night snack.

In most cases an additional room, master bath, and sizable walk-in closet can be added on to the home creating a much more usable master bedroom.

Kitchen Expansion
A kitchen is often the central gathering place in a home. We have living rooms that are made for gathering, but how many times have you found yourself in the living room talking at someone’s home?

So many times, it’s the kitchen that we find ourselves drawn to. Interestingly enough, in many homes this idea was completely ignored by the original designer and space was not adequately distributed. Adding space to a kitchen can be one of the most dramatic and rewarding enhancements you can do to your home.


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