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Ensures Professional High Quality Work Guaranteed!

We specialize in quality home additions and remodeling in the New Jersey.

We are a licensed contractor with H & N Custom Homes: General Contractor License

We are also a Certified Builder with the Home Builders Association of NJ, and member of the Re modelers Council (References, insurance certificates on request).

If you have any questions about home improvement please don’t hesitate to give me a call anytime

(609) 488-1898

How The Above Two Symbols Benefit You:Because we have been reviewed and Certified by the Home Builders Association of New Jersey and the National Association of Home Builders you gain 3 major benefits:

Benefit #1 For You:

All certified builder homes have a one-year limited warranty.

This means that in most cases if you find a problem with the workmanship or material in your home, you will be provided replacement or repairs at no cost to you.

Benefit #2 For You:

In the unlikely case of a buyer and builder disagreement, the “H & N Custom Homes”

the committee will review and act as a fair meditation system for the buyer and the home builder to help resolve any issues and make recommendations on any complaints filed against the builder.Benefit #3 For You:

In order to be awarded a Certified builder symbol, a company has to meet the tough experience standards the HBAMT sets forth.

Because of this it is highly unlikely that you will experience any major problems in your project when hiring this company.

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