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Envision Your Current Home…
Renovated, Remodeled, Transformed.
You don’t have to change your address to enjoy a new home experience. Let us reinvent the house you already call home. We renovate, remodel and make additions with respect to the existing architecture and design and in keeping with your family’s specifications.

H & N Custom Homes to guide every aspect of your renovation project, from design and planning to budgeting and construction. We’re committed to helping you make the most of your investment. As an integrated part of our home building process, our team of designers will work with you on all selections. Whether you envision spaces renewed and redesigned or need an addition to accommodate your growing family’s needs, we’re your ideal building partner.

We create the improvements transform a home into a nj with expertise, careful craftsmanship and close attention to detail.

H & N Custom Homes – you don’t have to relocate to be moved.

We design new houses, remodel existing, create room additions and provide construction plans, as well as building permits for our clients. Our clientele comes in for residential and commercial projects. Due to our prompt and comparatively priced service we have excellent references. Our office located in NJ.
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