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At Cachet Homes, we think that home additions are the best way to add some extra usable, livable space to your existing home in New Jersey. We have been helping homeowners with designing and building extra bathrooms, bedrooms, and also with adding second story extensions, in-law additions, custom garages, and so on. We have a great reputation and a team of professional subcontractors who are ready and willing to help you with your home improvement project. We offer quality materials and creative designs which will correspond to your needs, expectations, and budget. Call Us : (609) 488-1898


New Home Additions
There are many different types of home additions that you can choose to have built on your home. We provide bathroom additions and remodels, kitchen additions and remodels, garage additions , barn additions, second story additions, and many others. Please take a couple minutes to browse through the list of home additions which we offer New Jersey area homeowners

Two-Story Extensions: These extensions are specially-designed to help make a home bigger which is already tall enough, but needs some additional length or width. They can be constructed on any side of a home and the dimensions will be based off of your specs.

Second Story Extensions: These additions are for single story homes which could benefit from another floor for more bedrooms, bathroom additions, or for a home office or fitness area. The roof is removed and any needed HVAC and electrical components will be added to the new floor.

Kitchen Additions: If your kitchen is too little, a kitchen addition can be added to help provide more room for cooking or eating. An exterior wall will be knocked out and your new kitchen space will be added with matching cabinetry and flooring.

Bedroom Additions: An extra bedroom can be constructed on any exterior wall of your home. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

Family Room Additions: If you need extra space to enjoy time with your family, this type of room addition may be perfect for you. This extra area can be built off of any exterior wall on your home and will be designed to match the rest of your home’s interior and exterior.


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