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If you love most things about your current house and want to stay in that location, yet it does not quite fit your current needs, a home addition may be the answer. Call Us : (609) 488-1898

Home additions allow you to reconfigure your existing property while staying in the location you love. Adding onto your home expands your available living space and can make your home more efficient and comfortable for your family.


Why embark on a home addition?
People use home additions for many different situations. Often, the goal of any home addition is to solve a challenge such as lack of space or to make the function of the home more efficient. Home additions can take the form of a new master suite, a home office, an extra bedroom, a family room, an Arizona room and many other possibilities. A home addition can also provide an in-law suite or even a rental income space.
What types of options are available for home additions?
Does my home addition need to match the rest of my house?
What determines the cost of a home addition?
Are there additional financial considerations associated with a home addition?
The best way to go about choosing the right New Jersey home remodeling contractor is not to hear it from the contractor, but to hear it from their clients. In fact, some of our customers have been kind enough to share their stories with you:

We are committed to providing a great experience to you throughout the entire home addition process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction. We do this by adhering to a strict set of guidelines that serve as the foundation of our process.

By ensuring certainty on cost, time and quality, we can help make sure our customers never experience a nightmare project.

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