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From conception to completion, we will work with you through every step of the home addition construction process to ensure that each homeowner receives the best results in their new home addition. Every home addition project is unique and special, but the process of completing a successful addition are always the same. Our experience will be evident throughout the remodel process and our goal is to always please the homeowners by making the quality of their home better.

It is our goal to create the ultimate remodeling experience! Our design/build process will make your life easier with clear communication, professional advice, detailed planning, and budget control. Let us transform your lifestyle by allowing your home to be enjoyed at its full potential.

Sharon Home Addition  Built to Match Your Existing Home

It is our goal to create an addition that looks as if it were original to your home. We accomplish this by matching the existing appearance and framework of the home. A well-executed home addition does not look like an addition that was added as an afterthought. Whenever possible the materials used to build the home addition are similar to those used to build the existing structure.

Sharon Home Addition require a foundation, structural support and professional electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installation. Windows and doors should be uniform with those present in the rest of the home. The outside of the home sometimes need to be repainted to blend the new addition with the original structure.

Home Additions That Stay on Budget

Home additions are always extensive projects, but they are easier to stay on the original budget because there are less unknown factors to consider. We have built enough home additions where we can layout all the options, quote the final price, and most importantly adhere to the original quoted price.

Oftentimes homeowners may change their mind on decisions during the construction process and we can usually accommodate the desired change. Other times it is essential for the contractor to stick to the plan based on budget constraints. Either way we are there for our clients and in the end each home is remodeled just as the client desired.

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