Siloam Home AdditionSiloam Home Addition with H & N Custom Homes
Taking your bedroom to the next level with a Siloam Home Addition will not only improve your life but, it will increase your home’s value.

Our process for your home addition will ensure your project will go as smoothly as possible. Not only will we work with you on your custom design we handle all the details such as utility movement, proper permitting, inspections and the hundreds of other elements that have to all come together.

The added space to your master suite will make daily life even better and you can work with us from the conceptual phase right to the construction to ensure everything is custom and catered to your life and future.

Add another room. The more the merrier. With more space, you’re ready to expand your family, share your space with guests, have more room for projects or work and ultimately improve the value of your home.

As we work on initial design concepts, you can literally see how the addition would fit into your existing space. With the design-build process, we make the addition integrate into your lifestyle and can assure you that the construction won’t bring life to a halt.

A new room, a new space and a bigger home, all with superior craftsmanship, efficient timelines respectful of your existing space and your investment.

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