Smithburg Home AdditionH & N Custom Homes is located in Smithburg, New Jersy.

Whatever your favorite type of food may be, H & N Custom Homes has a great selection of restaurants to choose from, such as hotdog joints, delis and Turkish, so you’ll never be tired of finding new dishes to try. Staying in style and looking good is no problem here; the beauty shops are plentiful. There are many shopping options in H & N Custom Homes, such as art galleries, toy stores and fashion stores, suggesting that there is something for every type of shopper.

H & N Custom Homes has some homes that are no longer occupied, but many of the homes have actually been renovated to meet standards for rental properties. The median age here is low, so it would be best suited to those who want to live among a younger crowd.

Last year, average home listing prices in H & N Custom Homes decreased 15.9 percent, perhaps reflecting the waning popularity of the local area. The average listing price this year is $194,075 from a previous $230,711. In the interim, inventory somewhat tightened year-over-year, with the number of homes for sale declining 29.4 percent to reach 12 listings in this year. It is not unusual to see residents in this area enjoying their balconies in the evening, especially around sunset and when the weather is appropriate. A number of homes in this neighborhood have a swimming pool, which is a really fun feature to have in your yard and provides a convenient way to exercise. There are stainless steel appliances in various residential properties around this neighborhood; these appliances are very durable and add a professional touch to your kitchen.

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