Spring Lake Heights Home AdditionH & N Custom Homes can vary from simple “bump out” of existing spaces, to creating new spaces such as Master Suites, Family Rooms, Sun Rooms, additional bedrooms, garages/storage rooms. These additions are usually added to the ground floor but upper story additions are not uncommon.

Room additions do require architectural or drafting design and structural engineering plans, energy calcs, and other documentation in order to apply for building permits. We work closely with these trade professionals and can advise our client as to who is best suited to their individual needs.

In most cases, simple room additions can be constructed while the homeowner is being in the home with a minimal amount of inconvenience. Larger more complex additions or 2nd story additions generally require the homeowner to make other living arrangements in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the stress to all parties.

We design new houses, remodel existing, create room additions and provide construction plans, as well as building permits for our clients. Our clientele comes in for residential and commercial projects. Due to our prompt and comparatively priced service we have excellent references. . Our office located in San Jose.

We strive to provide you with a healthy home, environment tailored to your family or work needs. We believe in a net positive house. Most time implementing simple elements during the design stage, like proper window placement, thankless water heater, etc, can save your building energy consumption.

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