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If you are considering an addition you may want to know what to expect and where to begin. Our clients have found that making a list will help you prioritize your must-have items. This will allow you to communicate your wants and needs with your architect and contractor. Like us H & N Custom Homes.

Where to Build – You will need to decide where to construct the addition on your property. Can you build out or will you build up? You want to consider any views you would like to preserve or the location of trees you would to keep. Be sure to research legal restrictions and building codes regarding what can be built on your property. Setback restrictions will determine how close a structure can be built to property lines.

​Secure Funding – Most homeowners cannot pay for full additions in cash. Many homeowners obtain a home equity loan, second mortgage, or line of credit. Homeowners commonly underestimate remodeling costs. Home additions without mechanical work typically cost $100—$130 per square foot. Extensive home additions in high-price areas or with extravegant materials will cost more.

Architect or Draftsman – You will need an Architect to prepare the drawings for your new space.

Image yourself in various areas on the home design plans and think about what you’ll see in the real space.

Consider your daily routine when planning the space you need.

Think about placement of phone jacks and cable hookups. Check to see if your furniture arrangement requires electrical outlets in special locations.

​Permits, Demo, and Prepare Site -Anything other than level bare dirt will need to be demolished, removed, and graded to prepare for the addition. We will obtain permits and will be required to post the approved permits in a visible place on your property. Sterling Woods will be temporarily taken down to allow heavy equipment to access the site and portable toilets and disposal equipment will be delivered .

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