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Is your home in a great neighborhood and has all of the amenities your family needs? Maybe you love your home but just want some extra living space, consider a home addition! Because, at H & N Custom Homes, a Sweetman, NJ home addition contractor, our team of nationally certified designers and project managers specialize in home additions.

Most of all, we would love to show you how we can remodel your home into your dream home. Whether you want your guest house to be a home theater, art studio, or your own personal getaway – the sky is the limit!

As a Result, a Guest House with all of the Amenities
As the Sweetman, NJ home addition contractor chosen for this project, we believe it is the perfect way to illustrate how we use 3D computer illustrations. Programs like Chief Architect and 20/20 help our homeowners visualize their new projects. The rotating photos above are a mix of 3D computer renderings and After photos.

To begin with, our clients needed a space that would accommodate their aging mother. Also, to allow her to be as independents as possible while ensuring her safety. Next, the homeowners wanted the addition to be just large enough for a small kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Therefore, when designing this addition, we were sure to consider the designs flexibility to be functional now and in the future, even if a wheelchair is needed. Another plus, we utilized one of our 3D computer program to digitally construct our design plan for approval. Consequently, making it easier for all involved to visualize the project.

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