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When your home is truly a reflection of you, it’s something you want to last forever. And that’s why  H & N Custom Homes focuses on flexible spaces for years to come. In order to create the ultimate home space, we consider both your current “life” place and your future needs so that your home remodel takes you from today into tomorrow. It is through the teaming of Home Addition West Long Branch and each individual family that a home can become the statement of positive outlook we all want for ourselves and our family. This occurs when a home reflects the standards, the personality and the sense of style of the family members residing within those walls.

Home remodeling is a big investment and we want you to be completely satisfied with the project. We will work with you to design a space that is both functional and fits your unique style. No two projects are the same for us. Each job is a chance to positively impact each family in a special way.

Though our key goal is a home that works well for its inhabitants,Home Addition West Long Branch also makes sure that seamless remodeling design is a priority. Whether for your kitchen, bath or a new addition on your house, once the project is done, your home will appear as if it has been well-designed since its original structure was built. If you are looking for home remodeling in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today to find out just how beautiful we can make your home, room addition, kitchen remodel, restoration or bathroom remodel. Whether it’s a new home or custom remodeling project, we can work with any home style!

The kitchen is often the center of activity in a house. People not only eat in the kitchen–they also socialize, cook and host parties; it’s an essential room in your house. A kitchen remodel is also one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms are also an important room of the house. You may start and end your day in the bathroom, from getting ready for work to taking a shower at the end of the day. Bathroom remodels can also vastly increase the value of your home.

Running out of room in the house but don’t want to move? Your solution could be a room addition. Home Addition West Long Branch Construction has successfully completed numerous room addition projects. Adding a room allows you to stay in your current home, avoiding the hassle of moving. It also adds to the value of your house. We will work with you to cause minimal disruption to your daily life, while still completing the project in a timely manner. No two jobs are the same, and we are sensitive to your requests, desires and requirements.

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