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Home additions are the first choice for remodeling and improvement projects for homeowners. Adding home additions are a great way to add additional square footage without incurring much debt.

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Home Addition Advice from Professionals
First and foremost, additions should not be attached to a manufactured home at all. You have to build the addition as a completely separate unit that is simply butted up to the home and sealed.

Home additions – additions are not attached to manufactured homes

Financing and Insurance Issues for Home Additions
Additions to manufactured homes are not often seen as an ‘improvement’ – meaning it probably won’t increase the value of the home in most cases. It won’t change the classification of a manufactured home from personal property to real estate unless the home is permanently installed.

With all that said, home additions are perfect projects for those of us that know what we are getting into and believe the advantages far out weight the disadvantages.

If your home is paid for, and you don’t plan on refinancing or trying to obtain a home equity loan, they can be turned into a true dream home with additions and modifications – just know what you are getting into before you start.

Permits and Inspections
Some state mandates override local and county regulations when it comes to manufactured homes. Research properly for your location before you begin planning a mobile home addition. You could run into so much red tape that the project ends before it even begins.