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Basement leaking into your property can a problem be as small as a trickle or as large as a river. H & N Custom Homes , Inc. will professionally and correctly diagnose any leakage issues you may encounter at your property. Whether you have a new structure or a property built by your distant ancestors, H & N Custom Homes  at Ely Basement Contractor Inc. can provide solutions to repair ant type of problem. We concentrate on keeping the Basement out of your space, so as not to cause any future issues.

Each property is different depending on type of structure:slab foundation,crawl space,full depth basement or any combination of these. Our professionals will perform a complete interior and exterior inspection with the property owner(s) to assess and diagnose any and all issues. Our professionals are certified in types of damage,causes and solutions.

Keeping your property dry and healthy is our most important service. Henn & Nardini Contractin employ an education process so the property owner(s) can make the best decision to address any type of issue. Excess moisture can cause many different types of problems:musty or earthy smells,mold,squeaking floors,rotting wood or other organic materials,rusting, sticking doors and windows, as well as the anguish of always worrying whether or not you will have to stay up all night with a wet vac so all of your possessions don’t get ruined. LetH & N Custom Homes, Inc. make your place a Basement healthy place. Henn & Nardini Contractin, Inc. A Great Place to Take a Basement !