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H & N Custom Homes has been carefully researched and designed by the best, most experienced basement finishers and waterproofers in the business. Utilizing the latest products and techniques, H & N Custom Homes works for basement finishing of all types, while also being appropriate for the unique environment of your particular basement.

Henn & Nardini contractor, would like to help you transform your damp, musty basement into dry, beautiful and unique space. If you’d like to take the first step in taking advantage of that unused floor space in your Connecticut. Our services are available in NJ areas.

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Finish & customize your basement with one system
Basement finishing challenges:
Building around obstacles such as staircases, support columns, and windows
Working around utilities such as furnaces and water heaters
Ceilings that are low or have pipes and ductwork
Creating a well-lit, beautiful environment
Uneven or stone walls

what we made to perfectly fit your basement environment. It’s versatile enough to work with any design idea you have in mind for the space – from a family room, to a home gym, to a wine cellar and more.

Your basement is a unique environment, with challenges that do not appear anywhere else in the home. Obstacles such as low ceilings, utilities, and dampness are exactly designed to handle.

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