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After a long day, wouldn’t it be fantastic to head down to your basement to relax and unwind? A H & N Custom Homes  basement  project or model doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many possibilities to make your lower living space the retreat you have always thought it could be. Let us know what you are envisioning and H & N Custom Homes can make your dream a reality.

DIY nightmare That H & N Custom Homes makes this seem so easy. We get a lot of calls from people who discover there is more to a Basement model than 30 seconds .
Water feature There are a lot of basements in the city that have water problems. Sometimes this is obvious (as in a big puddle) and sometimes it isn’t (as in vapor coming up through the slab). Water in any form spells trouble for a basement finish. Make sure you have checked this risk out thoroughly before swinging the hammers.
Egress The problem with many basements is the little windows. In a fire or another emergency, these spaces can become death traps. Make sure if the space is going to be lived in, that you have made a door or egress window to keep everyone safe and sound.
Height Code requires half of any room to have a ceiling height of 7′ 6″ or greater. If your ceiling joists down there are lower than that, you can still finish it, but don’t expect it to count as space when you sell.

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