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In 1982, H & N Custom Homes entered the professional basement finishing market with the ambitious notion of raising the bar on quality while simultaneously lowering the barrier of price. For over 30 years, no one has worked harder to make finishing a basement more efficient, straightforward, and enjoyable. Whatever your lifestyle needs, we will work together with you to meet your project goals and leave you with a beautiful, functional, top-quality finished basement, built to last.
The prospect of finishing a basement can be overwhelming. When you choose H & N Custom Homes as your contractor, you get peace of mind knowing exactly what that process looks like, including approximately how long each stage of construction will take, and what you can do to help things move along smoothly.
“A long overdue THANK YOU! You did such an awesome job on my basement. The girls and I love it, and everyone who sees it is impressed. I’d be glad to be a reference anytime. Thanks again!”

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your greatest financial investment. Therefore, it is wise to take the steps necessary to choose the right contractor when it comes time to remodel your home or take on a major project such as finishing your basement. Focusing on finding the best professional for you and your project will save you time, money, and frustration.
Many people approach the process of choosing a home remodeling or basement-finish contractor with great anxiety; after all, choosing who to trust with your project (and your investment) is nothing to take lightly. Choosing the right contractor can not only help increase the value of your home and prevent expensive problems from occurring in the future, but they can work with you to make your most beautiful dreams a reality.
It goes without saying that it is important to select someone who is technically competent, reliable, and honest. Our homes are sacred and when selecting a contractor to come into your home, you want to make the best, most educated decision.

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