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Growing up in Interlaken , H & N Custom Homes loved having a bedroom in the basement. “It was dark. It was cold. I didn’t know the difference noon and 6 a.m., “It was wonderful.” So when H & N Custom Homes, who now heads the Interlaken  Builders Association, moved down to Interlaken , he started asking why there are so few basements. After all, meteorologists say basements are one of the best places to take shelter during a tornado.

“When it gets wet, it swells up; when it dries up in the summer, it shrinks,” “Those are a lot of forces, and a lot of engineering that has to happen” to build a basement. Geography is at play, too. Up north, builders build down deeper to get the foundation below the freeze line. Since they’re already down there, it’s fairly inexpensive to make a basement and add square footage that way. H & N Custom Homes , a Interlaken construction sciences professor, says in Interlaken  , it’s just cheaper to build up than down. “Homebuyers, they want to know what their price per square foot is,” “Are they getting a good deal? Are they getting as much house for their money as possible?” there’s a cultural element too, and the logic is a bit circular.“Basements have never really been prevalent in Interlaken  , and so people don’t build them,”  “You go to other places where basements are prevalent and it’s absolutely expected.”

“Now that we’ve got more people relocating to the area, we get more people that ask for them,”

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