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H & N Custom Homes want you to have a beautiful living space without risking water damage. To make this possible, we use patented Basement materials that resist mold. You can choose from a selection of attractive washable floors and walls. You can hang items on the walls without the need to find studs. The panels also contain an unbroken sheet of insulation to conserve heat in your basement. The flooring has a layer of air, supported by pegs inside it, to raise it off the concrete and prevent cold basement floors. Our patented materials allow you to have a beautiful basement that you can enjoy for years without having to worry about water damage.

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Beyond our specially-designed materials, H & N Custom Homes is known for its dedication to quality, responsibility, and integrity. We want what is best for our customers and we provide recommendations and quality work that benefits you long term. From installing a drainage system, to attaching the last ceiling panel, we provide a quality job that lasts for years. To see an example of this process, watch this video. Creating the perfect living space in your home that is waterproof, durable, and beautiful is our goal. Let us be your partner in finishing your basement.

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