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If you came to us to have your basement finished back in 1992, you might’ve noticed we were eager to please…
That’s because we had just opened our doors and we were determined to produce (way) above-par work, with excellent standards of workmanship and quality…just like you will get today.
H & N Custom Homes knew that if you were 110% satisfied with the craftsmanship, and we had done exactly as we had promised you, well, just maybe you would tell your friends.
In the 30 years that have passed we’ve turned dreams to reality in over many basements around the Jerseyville area, and here’s the magic:
You’ll still sense that “eagerness to please” that we had, way back in our first year.
H & N Custom Homes still want your word of mouth business, because we know, no matter how successful we might become in the future, we’re only as good as the job we’re doing, right now.
Give us a call to discuss your basement needs. H & N Custom Homes’ll share ideas and discuss how we can turn your basement dreams into reality!
Since this company was formed our emphasis has been to provide you with better service than you expected…
instead of worrying about timelines and budgets, we created a standard that enables you to relax during construction . H & N Custom Homes have a proven process that takes the guesswork out of the building equation completely.
You’ll receive updates, have a single contact project manager from start to finish, stay on timelines and pay the price quote you were given on day one!
H & N Custom Homes believe in providing you these services because they are what we would want, if in your shoes

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