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When we moved here, the first thing that struck me about homes in Keansburg , was the dearth of basements. Most homes up north have them, with footings below the frost line. I grew up in homes with basements, including the split level. That house actually had a crawl space under the main floor (with a concrete floor, so I used to play in there, which is why I now have claustrophobia) and then a half-buried lower floor with a bedroom, bath, and huge laundry room. It was six steps to the next level. Someone recently told me they hated split level homes. They can be so “sixties”, like an aluminum Christmas tree, but in fact, the split level home we had was my favorite.

But H & N Custom Homes in Keansburg . And crawl spaces? That’s the dirt below the house, where inspectors and workmen have to get into “crawling” suits to get under and crawl around. If your kid played in your Keansburg crawlspace, someone would be calling Child Protective Services!

So I asked a couple prominent home builders and an architect why we don’t see more basements in Keansburg .

A basement is really a swimming pool in reverse architect & urban designer. But you must build it well to keep the water out in our expansive soils.

That means proper waterproofing, thick walls re-inforced to handle soil expansion and contraction, and a proper perimeter drainage system of sump pumps and drainage basin. No wonder it costs more to build a home with a basement.

The average price per square foot of luxury new construction is $350 . The cost of basement is going to take that substantially higher,  says But H & N Custom Homes  It will be the most expensive area you will build.

That’s why Kain advises clients to first consider other space in the structure. Utilize an unused area on the second floor that would have been unfinished attic and just build it out, adding a fifth bedroom, bath and study area. You will accomplish that for $125 a square foot, he says.

It’s much less expensive to use space under your roof, says H & N Custom Homes,  than it is to build a basement.

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