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H & N Custom Homes is your local, reliable concrete and foundation repair contractor in Greater New Jersey. We help homeowners lift sunken concrete and stabilize their basement remodeling and foundations, allowing them to maintain the peace of mind they deserve. We have experience working in homes, businesses, commercial sites, municipal buildings, and more.

Here at H & N Custom Homes we say, “Repair rather than replace,” because we know when we can restore your existing concrete, saving you money and hassle. We’re looking out for you. If you are dealing with sunken concrete slabs, a settling foundation or sinking floors above the crawl space, call us today! We are proud to serve the Greater New Jersey City area.

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In business since 2008, H & N Custom Homes are skilled in a variety of techniques and are the only engineer-manufactured product installer in the state. We have full-time engineer support and all of our technicians are fully trained and certified. We care about complete customer satisfaction, and you’re always welcome to contact us with any questions you might have.

If you have sunken concrete slabs, basements remodeling we use mudjacking techniques to repair the concrete rather than replace it. For homeowners dealing with more serious foundation problems we install helical and resistance piers. These piers reach into the earth to find load-bearing strata to support your sinking foundation. Repairing a settling foundation fixes the side effects like cracks in bricks and siding or gaps around doors and windows. For homeowners and businesses in Greater New Jersey City we are the go-to expert.

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