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Basement Conversion and Additions
Basement conversion is our favorite type of project. Creating habitable space out of nothing and enjoying your home even more. Create additional space for your expanding family Converting a 2” crawl space into living or storage space
Double your home’s square footage Creating living space out of nothing to expand the enjoyment of your home is open to imaginable possibilities. Did you ever think that you could convert the 2′ crawl space under your house into a space with 3 bedrooms, a bath and laundry area? The ideas are limitless. Most people when they imagine adding on to their house they instinctively think to build up: tear off the roof and add a couple rooms. Most cities have many restrictive rules on doing this. However, a great alternative to building up is building down, which at a minimum, could double the square footage of your home. In most cases, an architect and engineer will need to be hired, but in some cases we can provide all the drawings and engineering required for approval.  All aspects of the shoring and cribbing foundation replacement, retrofit, shearwalls, gradebeam, retaining walls, wood and or steel beam installation, and structural concrete house leveling are done “in house”. The only time H & N Custom Homes calls in a sub-contractor in this area is if we are lifting the structure. The results are amazing efficiency which allows for top level quality work at a lower rate.

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