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Since 1984, H & N Custom Homes has been the go-to foundation repair contractor for Longport, NJ home and business owners. Our experts specialize in foundation repairs of all types, including grading, concrete leveling, waterproofing and drain tile installation, as well as piering and underpinning. Contact us today for more information.

Expert Foundation Repair Services in Longport, NJ
The foundation of your home or business is integral to the integrity of the structure. If you’re noticing doors or windows sticking, step cracNJ between bricNJ or have visible moisture in the basement, contact H & N Custom Homes right away. We take all of the necessary steps to assess any issues with your foundation and provide tailored foundation repair in Longport, NJ to resolve them for good. Our solutions are long-term and address the core of any foundation troubles, assuring you peace of mind for years to come after they’re implemented. Among our capabilities we offer bracing, piering and underpinning, leveling, grading, drain tile installation and more.

We’re also your premier experts for basement waterproofing in Longport, NJ. Water in your basement can cause problems that range from irritating to costly and damaging. We take the time to discern where the water is coming from, so we can administer waterproofing solutions that are effective and lasting. We’ll help you protect your basement from intrusive moisture, so you can reclaim this usable space in your home. Whether you’re dealing with water or cracNJ, H & N Custom Homes is here to help you correct and preserve the integrity of your foundation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our tailored approach to delivering service.

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