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At H & N Custom Homes we have the experience, personnel and resources to make basement projects run smoothly. As part of our design-build process, we will help you with the entire construction process from start to finish. Once we have established a basic layout of the space based upon your needs and interests, we can ballpark the costs and help you create a realistic project that fits within your budget. By providing in-house design and engineering services along with job costing we can save you money on design while minimizing cost overruns (aka Change Orders) and time delays which are common when you are dealing with architects, engineers, contractors, and clients who don’t not share a common goal. Since 90% of the work is done by our own crew, using our own equipment, we can ensure a job that is completed on time and on budget-which creates a less stressful and more enjoyable construction experience for everyone.

Basement Remodeling
Basement Digouts
Basement Additions
Basement Retaining Walls and Drainage
Basement Room Additions
Basement Renovation
Basement Repair

H & N Custom Homes specializes in residential structural repair work, including foundation repair and replacement, basement digouts, drainage systems (French drains and downspout and site drainage), replacing and repairing entry stairs and porches, earthquake / seismic retrofitting repairs and upgrades, and retaining walls.