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What H & N Custom Homes Do Basement Contractor
Your house’s frame acts as its skeleton, and is the first step in transforming your unfinished underground area into comfortable living space. Any significant modeling of your basement involves rough basement new walls to give your new environment shape, ensure structural integrity and protect the area from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects or mold. Framing also enables insulation, initial electrical wiring and duct work for heating and air conditioning.

Drywall hanging and finishing
Drywall hanging and finishing is what turns your frame into finished walls. Any construction of new walls or significant modeling requires drywall, which we hang and finish to perfection.

Trim Carpentry
Trim carpentry includes the design and installation of door casings, mantels, baseboards and various other types of ornamental wood work. These little touches finish your basement to reflect your personal style and match your decor. We work closely with you during this phase to turn your new space into a comfortable space that reflects your personality.

Painting both improves the aesthetics of the room and further protects your basement from wear and tear. Modern paint comes in every color imaginable and further safeguards your basement from dampness.

A kitchen must satisfy both form and function. Modern basement kitchens involve an aesthetically pleasing layout that often feature cooking, prep and eating areas, incorporating modern appliances and various cabinets, counter tops, and storage space. Many households choose to have a microwave oven or dishwasher installed as well. Your basement’s kitchen will be designed and built to suit your specific needs

Your basement’s plumbing is the system of pipes by which fresh water is delivered and waste water is removed. Any installation of sink, toilets, shower, baths or drains involve adjustments to your plumbing system.

A bar is the perfect way to turn your basement into a social hub for your home. Bars vary widely in size, style, and function. Some bars are simply a flat countertop to set your drinks on, while others include the installation of refrigeration units, sinks with hot- and cold-running water, and fixed bar stools.

Any extensive changes to the function of your basement will probably include changes in its energy requirements and lighting, and that means adjustments to your electrical system. Rewiring of your system will ensure that there are enough outlets in your basement, enough power to suit your requirements, and that all outlets are conveniently placed.

Traditional bathrooms range in size and function from full bathrooms, which contain a bathtub, sink, and toilet; three-quarter bathrooms, which include a sink and toilet but replace the bathtub with a more space-efficient shower stall; and half-baths, which only feature a sink and toilet.

Custom Showers
Shower designs range from utilitarian stalls to personal water shrines. Your basement can include a shower that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

Custom Tile, Brick, Stone Work
Paint and wallpaper are no longer the only options for wall surfaces. A variety of stone, tile and brick surfaces are available as options if you’re interested in something a little less traditional.

Hardwood Flooring
The installation of hardwood flooring both protects your floors, increases its aesthetic appeal, and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. The wider variety of beautiful woods suitable for such construction ensures that there are many options regarding the look and feel of your floor.


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