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Of course not, then why would you finish your basement without protecting it against water damage?

We at Foundation Systems bring the waterproofing expertise and know-how to the frontlines of basement finishing in NJ.

The truth is, half of the basements we repair and waterproof have already been finished. Even a finished basement can endure water problems such as leaking pipes and HVAC units for example. Unfortunately, finishing a basement doesn’t always tackle the water issue, costing the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

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In many cases, the previous contractor didn’t have the materials or the understanding to do the job right. If the root of the problem doesn’t get addressed right away.

Let’s keep in mind there are only 2 types of basements: ones that leak and ones that will leak! We know this and have implemented a basement waterproofing system that works hand-in-hand with our revolutionary and easy-to-install VLE Wall System.

What do your basement’s walls look like right now? Can you imagine what they’ll look like in the next few years? If your walls are made and finished with organic materials such as drywall, paint, and wood accents, the walls are prone to flaking, chipping, mold growth, and severe water damage effects.

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