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If you are looking for the number one basement and waterproofing contractor in New Jersey, then look no further. H & N Custom Homes has been serving the NJ.

We are a part of the International Basement Technologies dealer network and our on-going certified classroom trainings in the latest, proven, effective waterproofing products, technologies and techniques allow us to be one of the best in the industry. We are committed to customer service and doing the job right. Best Basement Technologies promise to you is honest service and timely repairs using the right equipment.

However, should you need our basement waterproofing services, we’ll install a proprietary system that’s the product of years of design ingenuity. This system is crafted from some of the most durable materials today and will tackle the five most common ways water can enter your basement, which are:

Through wall cracks and mortar joints
Bleeding and sweating of basement walls
Up through floor cracks
Over the foundation’s footing
Under the foundations footing


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