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Can you imagine living in the basement? Most people don’t think of their basement as part of their home’s living space. The truth is, your basement can be just as comfortable, inviting and stylish as the rest of the house.

Turn it into a a rec room, a kid’s room or a guest room with a full bath. Or create a studio space, a home office or a theater. You can add more windows or enlarge your existing windows for a splash of natural light. When it comes to flooring, you can finish it with hardwood, tile, carpet or acid-stained concrete. Or, install radiant flooring for all-around warmth and lower heating bills. If you want more headroom, we can even lift your house up a few inches to add ceiling height. Anything’s possible!

Converting your basement has other benefits, too. While unfinished basements often have problems with excess moisture and mold, a quality remodel will help control humidity and moisture issues while making your home more energy-efficient.

They’re not just for storage anymore! When you’re looking to maximize the existing space in your home, the attic is the perfect place to add another bedroom and bathroom.

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