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The secret to expanding the living area in this home lies below ground. A basement remodel added much-needed space. See how these homeowners transformed their basement, and get tips for completing your own basement remodeling project.

Basements often conjure images of damp, dark, cold caverns. But remodeling a basement can add valuable living space to your home.

With a vision of introducing the style of the upper floors to the lower level, this unfinished basement was remodeled so it didn’t feel like an afterthought or disconnected from the rest of the home. Beaded board and window trim add traditional detailing that’s consistent with the home’s aesthetic. Columns built around unsightly steel support posts help the structural necessity blend in beautifully.

The walk-out basement’s entry also received an upper-level treatment during the remodeling process. A cushioned bench built onto the back of a bookcase creates a full-fledged entryway inside the basement’s exterior door.

A ceiling surfaced with drywall, rather than a dropped treatment, imbues the space with above ground . At the end of the remodeling project, the budget was depleted, but the homeowners still needed a floor treatment. Tiling the floor as planned would have significantly increased the price of the remodel. Instead, the homeowners painted the concrete floor and, for safety, put an anti slip additive in the paint. Indoor-outdoor rugs help define the zones in the basement.

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