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H & N Custom Homes  Modeling your basement can be an invaluable upgrade to your home.
It has the potential to double your square footage and add the space that you need without having to go through the hassle and heartache of moving. And basement models are typically much less expensive than building a new addition. Why not utilize the space that you already have beneath your feet? From space-planning to the natural lighting design, H & N Custom Homes  have you covered.

Considering a Basement Model
The first step is often to consider the proper allocation of all this new space. When you start dividing it up, it goes quickly. So design conversations begin with a realistic assessment of your goals for the new project: What do you absolutely need to add, what can you live without, and what will you add if there is room? What do you intend to do with the added space? Use it for your expanding family? Maybe turn it into a place to entertain your friends all year long. Or perhaps you plan to rent it out. Whatever use you have in mind, we will sit down and discuss your realistic options and how you achieve your goals for the space so that it’s not only an enjoyable space, but safe and healthy, and a truly integrated part of your family home.

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