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When you want more living space, one of the first places to look is the basement. A finished basement, when designed properly, can be converted from a dank, dark, “clutter” space to one of the most enjoyable spots in the house.

Here are some great ideas for basement transformations:

Theatre-like media rooms
Home gyms
Crafting centers
Game rooms
Children’s play areas
2nd family rooms
Guest retreats
In-law quarters
In most cases, the basement space is fairly open, which allows for many design possibilities. It all depends on how you want the space to function.

A person can run their water hose, plus your neighbors hoses as well. You will not get a floor to leak with a hose! You will not and cannot cause or create pressure, or cause the water table to rise with a water hose. It takes a big accumulation of water or rain fall, snow melt, etc… We Dry Up Wet Basements & Water in Crawlspaces, Permanently and no other waterproofing company has done it better and more consistent over the last 30 years. We can diagnose with amazing accuracy, any and all the basement waterproofing drainage issues you may be experiencing.


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