H & N Custom Homes Basement Contractor Squankum

Many contractors never make it passed their 2nd year in business. We’ve been around a long time. How have we done it? By providing award winning remodels including extensive whole-house remodels, home additions, basements and kitchens.

Here’s something else our clients LOVE. We offer COMPLETE remodeling and finishing services so you have no worries and no hassles about the schedule and completion of your project. Most of all, you can expect GREAT COMMUNICATION from us. You will always know what is happening now, and what is coming next with your remodel.

Bang For Buck… this is where we really shine. Let me put it to you like this. If you could have your remodel done by an award winning contractor for the same investment as well, everyone else… would you do it? Most say YES. Depending on who you talk to we might be the lowest or the highest. Most of the time, we’re right in the middle. Value for Value—there’s no contest.

We also pride ourselves in great communication. The same sales consultant who sold you the project is involved with managing the job. There’s none of this the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand had promised” nonsense. We also provide you with a private client portal where you can log in to see the progress of your remodel.


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