H & N Custom Homes Basement Contractor Stone Church

H & N Custom Homes Basement Waterproofing was established with the goal of providing the highest quality guaranteed basement waterproofing at an affordable price. Basement waterproofing is an important responsibility because a leaking basement can weaken and undermine the very foundation of your home. Basement waterproofing must be done professionally to ensure that the problem of a leaky basement is solved permanently. It is not a do it yourself project.

We have been in the basement waterproofing business and use only the best materials in our systems. Our professional installers are expertly trained and have the experience necessary to deal with any type of basement waterproofing problem that may arise. We offer the very best basement waterproofing systems available at an affordable price to ensure that the basement of your home will never leak again.

H & N Custom Homes  Basement Waterproofing Water in basements can lead to not only mold and mildew and health problems but can significantly weaken the very foundation of your home. Our basement waterproofing systems will protect your foundation from water infiltration for as long as the home stands regardless of how many times it changes ownership.

Call today for a free, no obligation inspection of your basement. We will inspect your basement and then give you a detailed explanation of the best way to solve the problem permanently. The process takes approx. 30 minutes. We will also give you a list of over 500 happy customers as references.


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