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Homeowners tend to approach the independently owned and operated basement renovation experts at H & N Custom Homes Basement & Waterproofing Finishing with two primary needs: finishing the basement and remodeling the basement. More often than not these days, it seems like they’re talking about a basement remodeling or renovation project.

What’s the difference? When a basement is finished, a stark, bare area is transformed into a beautiful finished basement. The construction of the area is planned, rooms are designed, and finishing options are carefully reviewed. The homeowners are choosing how their beautiful new living space will be designed and are often adding additional living space to make room for a growing family. Another common concern is whether or not a “green basement finishing project” is an environmentally sound choice.

Don’t build a moldy basement
Many times a homeowner decides to remodel a basement only when the basement environment has become so intolerable that they can no longer stand to live with it. With many common basement finishing materials used on the market, (such as drywall, mold-resistant drywall, wood, carpeting) moisture can run a tremendously damaging course, eventually ruining the finished area.

The cost of basement finishing with these methods is multiplied many times by having to replace and repair something that should last! If you’re using traditional drywall, carpet on concrete, wood studs, and other organic material in your basement, you are really creating a future home remodeling project.

If the basement is finished with products containing any organic materials at all, they’re going to be susceptible to mold, mildew, rot, and dust mite damage. As these products decay, they begin to release moldy, musty odors into the air, making the area an unpleasant environment to live in. These odors can spread throughout the entire home, adding allergens and adding to discomfort. Homeowners generally get fed up with the situation over time and decide to remove and replace the offending materials.

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