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The problems that come with a wet and leaky basement are multiplied in NJ where we have high relative humidity and heavy rain storms. Basement seepage can become a very destructive problem – basement and crawl space moisture can cause mold, mildew, foundation instability.

There’s no basement we can’t fix! If your basement is wet or leaky, have one of our specialists visit for a free waterproofing estimate. Our job as basement experts is to provide solutions permanently and efficiently.

Custom Waterproofing Solutions for Every Home:

Our basement waterproofing solutions have been researched and developed by the experts at our H & N Custom Homes , located in NJ . Our basement waterproofing solutions have been applied throughout our Basement Systems network.

Our Quality Approach to Basement Repairs
We are an established company offering award winning products, expert contractors, lifetime warranties, and professionalism within your community. Our waterproofing solutions have the most innovative systems in the industry; we took the most conventional approaches and combined them with our patents and techniques.

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