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Basement remodeling and renovations, or finishing basements, is a very popular option for today’s home owner. With wide open layouts, basements can function as home theaters, playrooms, game rooms, media rooms, wet bar, storage space or family rooms – or any combination of the above.

Finished Basements and Basement Remodeling or remodeling a basement can be a large investment due to the size of the space however it can add much needed usable space to your home’s foot print and in some cases it can even double the overall square footage. The extra space helps increase the resell value by appealing to more and a wider range of buyers. Finishing or remodeling a basement is perfect for families as they add more members.

When you begin a basement remodel, the first step is to map out your basement and determine each of its functions. What will the space be used for? Who will be using the space? Asking questions like these will help determine the layout of the space. After you have your layout plan in place, next decide whether you will use built-ins. Built-ins are a great way to separate one space from another while not interrupting the overall flow of the room while providing storage options that every family or homeowner loves to have.

Finally determine what furniture will be necessary and where will it be placed. Typically with large spaces to fill, performing research and finding the right piece of furniture can take some time but will pay huge dividends in the end.

Every family is different and as such, every basement is different. Determine how you and your family will spend time in the basement and cater to those activities, hobbies and interest. Hosting parties in basements is popular. If you plan to entertain in your finished or remodeled basement than be sure to include sinks, refrigerators, bars, wine cellars, cigar humidors and other elements that improve the ability to entertain. Perhaps your basement will be used more for family and kid centered activities. Be sure to include elements that will keep kids entertained and comfortable. Of course man caves have also become popular the last few years. Similar to the elements necessary for entertaining, be sure a man cave basement has all the elements important to entertaining you and your friends. Other popular options for finished basements are game rooms, home gyms and as extra bedrooms.

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